Boarding Kennels

Nothing makes a vacation more stressful than worrying about your pet. At Battle Ground Veterinary Clinic, we strive to make your vacation as stress-free as possible by taking excellent care of your pets while you are gone.

Dog Boarding

Our canine boarders are housed in runs and kennels in a canine-only area. Throughout most of the year, your pet will be housed in a large run regardless of size, however small dogs may be moved to a kennel during busy boarding times if our runs are needed for large dogs. Each boarder is fed per owner request. Dogs are allowed staff-monitored time outside three times per day. Your pet will only be allowed outside alone or with their housemate to decrease potential for adverse events.

Vaccines and Testing Required for Boarding: 

Rabies, DAP (Distemper), Lepto 4 (Leptospirosis), Bordetella, Influenza (H3N2), Fecal, Heartworm Test

Cat Boarding

Our feline boarders are housed in kennels in a feline-only area to decrease the stress that is usually found in mixed canine and feline boarding areas. Each cat is fed per owner request, has their litterbox cleaned multiple times per day, and is allowed out of their cage for 10 minutes per day of free-roaming in one of our exam rooms (temperament permitting). The stress level of each cat is assessed daily and modifications are made to their cage to decrease visibility if watching our staff is causing anxiety. We even provide larger kennels for multiple-pet and long-term boarders.

Vaccines and Testing Required for Boarding:

Rabies, FVRCP (Distemper), Fecal


Cat Boarding:
<30 lbs : $30/night

Dog Boarding:
<30 lbs : $30/night
31-70 lbs : $32/night
>70 lbs: $34/night

Medications Administration:
Additional $5.50/night

Multiple Pet Discount
$2 off/night

*Prices are subject to change. Please call clinic for scheduling details
Our dog boarding runs are spacious and include a bed!
Large Empty Cage
Empty Large Dog Kennel
Occupied Dog Kennel with Two Dogs
Occupied Large Dog Kennel with Double Dogs
Large Empty Dog Kennel
Empty Large Dog Kennel
Occupied Dog Kennel with One Dog
Occupied Large Dog Kennel with Single Dog
Our cat kennels have enough room for a bed, a litterbox, food, and water!
Cat in cat cage
Cat Sitting in Cat Cage
Cat Sitting in Cat Cage

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