Digital Radiography

An in-house digital radiograph (x-ray) machine provides rapid insight to possible structural damages, abnormalities, or obstructions and proves to be a very useful diagnostic tool.

Why is Digital Better than Traditional Film?

Digital radiography has various benefits. In the past, traditional film needed to be processed in a darkroom. If an image's quality was not adequate, it would often not be noticed until the patient was off of the x-ray table. Since digital radiography is computerized, the images are obtained more quickly and do not need time to develop in a darkroom. This allows for immediate assessment of image quality, better images overall, and a quicker diagnosis. The images can also be adjusted and enhanced on the computer which results in a more detailed diagnostic image. We are also able to quickly send our images to a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist for a second opinion, if needed.

Radiographs of a cat with pyometra (a life-threatening infection that severely enlarges the uterus)

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