Fear Free Certified

Dr. Andrews is a Fear Free Certified practitioner! Read below to find out what this means for you and your pets!

What is Fear Free?

Fear Free is a way of practicing veterinary medicine that focuses not just on your pet's physical health, but their emotional health as well.  The entire journey from home to the veterinary clinic to the exit is considered and adjusted to reduce anxiety at every stressful step. We are not saying that every patient experiences anxiety during their veterinary visits, but Dr. Andrews believes in providing an environment for ALL patients that promotes anxiety reduction. Read below about some of the steps that Dr. Andrews takes!

First Let's Consider...

Imagine your pet's trip to the veterinarian from their eyes. Veterinary clinic anxiety often actually starts well before stepping foot into the clinic. If you are a cat, it often starts in the morning by seeing the carrier that you know as a mysterious box that takes you to a variety of strange places. If you are a dog, it may start by seeing your favorite leash, but sensing that your owner is nervous about the destination of your car ride.

Next, you arrive at the clinic. You enter a building that, despite even the best efforts of the employees, smells like other animals, people, and cleaning products. There may be other pets in the lobby anxiously awaiting their appointment that are unfamiliar and loud. You are finally ushered into an examination room where multiple people stare at you, handle you, and take samples from you. During portions of this exam, you might be picked up and put on a cold metal table. You are constantly unsure of what happens next.

Dr. Andrews' Mission

Dr. Andrews partners with owners to make adjustments at every step of the visit process. Her goal is to provide a fun, stress-free appointment for all of her patients!

At Home

Pheremone use
Preparation of the carrier
Pre-visit anxiety medications for high-stress pets
Positive reinforcement at home

At the Vet

Minimize time in the waiting room
Coverings for examination tables
Fear Free examination techniques
Stress reducing restraint techniques
Constant emotional health assessment
Emotional health record
Positive reinforcement (Treats, treats, treats!)
Cat-friendly rooms (IN PROGRESS)

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Every effort will be made to ensure the emotional well-being of your pet!

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