Fleas: A Bug's Life

Fleas can drive pets and owners crazy. Read below to learn about fleas and how to get rid of them!

The Flea Life Cycle

It is important to note that the pupa can hibernate for 4-6 MONTHS if left undisturbed!

How Can Fleas Make My Pet Sick?

One of the most common reactions to fleas is extreme itchiness due to an allergic reaction to a compound in the saliva of fleas. However, fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pet! These worms can make your pet very sick. Fleas are also able to transmit a bacteria called Bartonella, which can cause Cat Scratch Fever if transmitted to humans.

What Do Preventatives Do?

The preventatives available through your veterinarian kill fleas by disrupting their nervous system. They kill fleas currently on your pet at the time of application and any additional fleas that jump onto your pet over the preventative’s duration. Flea preventatives should be used YEAR-ROUND are given monthly, every 3 months, or every 8 months (depending on preventative).

Flea Preventatives Available Through BGVC

Dogs: Bravecto, Combiva II, Nexgard, Seresto
Cats: Combiva II, Revolution, Seresto
More products available through our online store!

How To Treat a Flea-Infested Home

Once your pet has been diagnosed with fleas, both the pet and the home need to be treated to break the flea infestation cycle. This treatment may take many months to achieve complete eradication because the flea life cycle can be so long!

Indoor Treatment: Vacuum the household at least once per week giving extra attention to carpeted areas and cool, dark spaces (such as under the furniture). Be sure to empty your vacuum outside as the pupae can hatch inside a vacuum cleaner and re-infest the home! In addition, wash all cloth that your pet comes into contact with at least once weekly (ex. bedding, furniture covers, pillows, blankets, etc). Flea pesticides can also be used. There are also professional exterminators that can help you with severe flea infestations.

Outdoor Treatment: There are various outdoor flea treatment products available. Professional exterminators can also help to treat your yard.

It is important to remember that the same type of fleas can infest cats and dogs!

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