Rapid Lab Analysis

Bloodwork Machine

The sooner that testing can be done, the sooner we can help your pets! For this reason, we perform both in-house rapid testing and send-out testing through trusted laboratories. This helps us to minimize overnight hospitalization and initiate treatment sooner!

In-House Analysis

We have a variety of in-house laboratory equipment that can be utilized and provide results in minutes. Examples of in-house testing include:

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork

Complete blood count (for emergency conditions)

Standard blood chemistry (for emergency conditions)

Blood glucose

Fecal testing (for sick patients)

Parvovirus testing

Urinalysis (for sick patients)

FeLV/FIV testing

Heartworm testing

Skin cytology (for parasites, bacteria, and fungi)

Send-Out Testing

We generally submit routine or more involved tests to an outside laboratory for analysis. These results often return within one to two business days. Examples of send-out testing include:

Routine bloodwork and urinalysis

Fecal testing

Tick-borne disease screening

Cytology of masses


Cushing's disease testing

Addison's disease testing

Bacterial culture

Intestinal disorder testing

Gene-specific disorder testing


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