Rapid Lab Analysis

In-house lab equipment can be utilized for Pre-Anesthetic Screening, Glucose, Complete Blood Count, Heartworm, Feline Leukemia, and Parvovirus testing for results in minutes to quickly begin treatment and to minimize overnight hospitalization. Other panels and lab diagnostic needs are analyzed through an outside lab with results often returning within one to two business days.

Laser Technology

A CO2 laser can be used for all surgeries in place of a traditional scalpel blade to minimize the tearing, crushing, and bruising of tissue. This allows for less pain, bleeding, swelling, and redness post-operatively helping your pet feel more comfortable and reducing the risk of infection.

Laser Therapy

The class IV therapy laser contains new technology that helps our patients with pain and inflammation without medication or to help lessen the amount of medication needed. Laser therapy helps to speed healing as well. Most treatments take anywhere from five to 30 minutes depending on the area being treated and the number of areas needing treatment. Laser therapy is great for post-operative pain, arthritis, wound healing, ear infections and many other conditions.


Prophylaxic ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing removes years of plaque and tarter build up restoring healthy teeth and gums, reducing mouth odor, and helping to prevent serious internal issues such as kidney, liver, and heart disease.

Our state of the art dental scaler uses a new technology that will not damage the tooth enamel as some ultrasonic scalers can. We also use a reciprocating, air powered polisher for similar benefits. A high speed air drill is used for complicated extractions if needed.


All patients are welcome to stay with us anytime. Dogs are let out three times a day to run in our exercise yard and are housed in spacious runs and cages. We invite clients to bring any food, toys, or treats to make their pets feel more comfortable while away from home. Space is limited so advance notice is required especially during the summer, holidays, and school breaks.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Dr. Wittke is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and endorser of alternative and integrative medicine. This ancient Chinese approach can be used towards many medical problems including pain, immune deficiency, internal organ dysfunction, and muscular issues. His continuing education continues to broaden the scope of alternatives for treatment of each individual patient.


Procedures include spays, neuters, declaws, and growth removals with appointments available two days a week. These procedures can be performed with a laser and most do not require overnight hospitalization.

More advanced procedures, both orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries, can be performed, but typically require a longer hospital stay. Advanced procedures can include cruciate ligament repair, luxating patella repair, fracture stabilizations, urinary bladder and intestinal surgeries.

Video Otoscopy

This allows for more thorough ear examinations and cleaning. The otoscope projects video onto a large computer screen capturing images from the external canal to the tympanic membrane (ear drum). Attachments to this otoscope allow the ear drum to be pierced to treat and infuse medication into the middle and inner ear if needed.

Digital Radiography

An in-house digital x-ray machine provides rapid insight to possible structural and internal damages, abnormalities, or obstructions and proves to be a very useful diagnostic tool. Digital radiology has an immense advantage over traditional film radiology because it allows for adjustment and enhancement of the image resulting in a much more detailed diagnostic image.

Digital radiography also allows us to have quick, easy access to a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist for a second opinion if needed.