Feline Vaccines: Who Needs What?

Often, your veterinarian will recommend vaccines based on the lifestyle of your pet. Read below to understand which vaccines fit your cat’s needs!


The rabies vaccine is one of the most important vaccines provided by your veterinarian. Rabies is a deadly virus that is passed through the saliva of infected wild animals. The virus is fast-acting and causes neurologic dysfunction that leads to death. Rabies can be transmitted to HUMANS through saliva, making this a health risk to owners as well. This vaccine is REQUIRED BY INDIANA LAW FOR ALL CATS, dogs, and ferrets over 3 months old. An unvaccinated pet is at greater risk for contracting rabies and is subject to stricter quarantine or euthanasia protocols if bitten!

Feline Distemper

At Battle Ground Veterinary Clinic, we carry a feline distemper vaccine (FVRCP) that covers three different diseases. Feline viral rhinotracheitis is a disease often caused by the feline herpesvirus which causes an upper respiratory infection that affects the eyes, mouth, and nose. Feline herpesvirus is highly contagious and affects most cats in the United States. Calicivirus is a viral infection that causes upper respiratory infections. Panleukopenia (also known as feline distemper) is a viral disease that attacks the  digestive and nervous systems. It is extremely contagious in cats and can be fatal in kittens. This combination vaccine is recommended for ALL CATS!

Feline Leukemia

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) affects the blood, weakens the immune system, and can cause cancer. Cats that are infected with feline leukemia virus are more susceptible to infections and often require longer, more intensive treatment than healthy cats. This virus can be passed from mother to kitten in the milk or via saliva of infected cats during mutual grooming, sharing food and water bowls, or fighting. We recommend YEARLY vaccination for ALL OUTDOOR CATS.

**It is important to note that, like human vaccines, these vaccines are not 100% effective. However, if they do not fully prevent the disease, they generally lessen the severity of the disease. This makes the disease easier to treat and maintains your pet’s health long-term!**

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